She Needs Love…..Do You?

Her name is Sally and she’s approximately 3 years old.  Sally was abandoned and was on her own.  Some neighbors fed her occasionally and she somehow survived.  What she really needs is just be loved and to be able to love someone.

Sally loves to run and play…….with people or with other dogs.  She is a bit aggressive when it comes to her food.  That’s probably because of her time fending for herself.

She will also crawl up into your lap sometimes.  She needs your attention.  She never meets a stranger and loves hugs from anyone.

Sally is now up to date on vet care and she’s been fixed.  All she needs now is you.

You can meet Sally in person at Laurens County Animal Control.  You’ll find it on across from the south end of the runway at the Laurens County Airport at the corner of Torrington Road and Mount Vernon Church Road.  The phone number: (864)682-4935.

Sally needs you.  Maybe you need her too.

Little Boys Need Love

Mom has a home.  Their 5 sisters have a home.  But these cute little fellas are still waiting.  They want a forever home too.  And love……..lots of love.  They promise snuggles, kisses and a wagging tail when they see their human every day.

Left to right we have:

Barney – Kind of a laid back sweet snuggler.
Bam Bam – Affectionate and energetic. (You can see that in his eyes)
Fred – Fred tries to talk and he’s getting closer and closer.
Slate – A bit low key and happy.  Little guy with a big ol’ heart.

They’re 9 weeks old and a lab mix.  They should end up about 40-45 pounds.  They’re all neutered and up to date on all their shots and heartworm prevention.

This Fab Four currently resides at the Laurens County Humane Society on Poplar Street in Clinton.  Go see them!  You can call the Humane Society at (864)833-9060.

And please SPREAD THE WORD.  We got 4 little bundles of love that somebody desperately needs.

It’s Jack!


I’m about to tell you a sad story.  It’s about this dog named Jack.

Jack’s  a great dog.  He’s just over a year old, neutered, up to date on all his shots and heartworm negative.  He loves to play fetch.  He’s playful and energetic.  He just needs a home………one that lasts forever.

You see, Jack has been adopted……more than once.  Through no fault of his he just keeps coming back.

This all started when Jack was about six months old.  He was surrendered to Greenville Animal Care Services.  I don’t know why and I’m sure it was no fun at all for Jack.

Good News!  Jack was adopted by a family with kids!  What a happy day that was.

Bad news…….it lasted a month.  Jack’s puppy self chewed up some things…….especially when he was left alone in the apartment.  That probably happened a lot.  He was great with the kids but it didn’t work out and the family surrendered him to the Laurens County Humane Society in January.

Good News!  Jack was adopted by a new family just 10 days later.

Bad News……….3 weeks later he was brought back.  Worse News…….he’d been hit by a car and had a broken leg.  The family that adopted him said they couldn’t spend the amount of money required to repair the fracture.

So, Laurens County Humane Society got him to a veterinarian.  His injuries were successfully treated and he lived at their Adoption Center while he recuperated.

Good News!  Jack was adopted again!  In March, a woman took Jack home.  He hit pay dirt.  She loved him and he loved her.  Yes………finally Jack was home.

Very Bad News.  Jack’s loving owner fell ill.  Critically ill.  There was no choice.  Jack went back to the Laurens County Humane Society…….again.

Jack weighs 43 pounds.  He’s a mixed breed bundle of love and (somehow) joy.  He really needs somebody to love.  Could that be you?

In his last (and most successful) placement Jack was an inside dog.  He really would love to be someone’s constant companion…….your shadow.

If you can provide a home for Jack…………get on the phone!  Call the Adoption Center at (864) 833-9060.

If you can’t do that then please SHARE!  I believe in happy ever after.  Jack really, really needs that.

Please adopt these guys! 25 years ago they didn’t look so emaciated.

I have a soft spot for old dogs.

Leroy, Jr. – Let’s Save A Life

L.J…………..for Leroy, Jr. If you followed our post about Leroy you’ll understand.
He’s our WLBG Pet of the Week. He’s a little boy about 8 months old and he really, really needs a family to love.
He’s not a big fella………..weighs just over 20 pounds. He’d be ideal for a family with kids he can bond with and watch over.
Another reason we need Leroy, Jr. out of the shelter is because they are at capacity with Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. And when the shelter is full, bad things have to happen. L.J. has been there a while. He does not have a lot of time.
If you want more info on L.J. call Animal Control (864)984-6812. If you’re interested in a smaller or bigger animal, call them. They’re full. They’ve got all kinds of good dogs who need someone willing to save their life.
And please SHARE this pic. Spread the word. Let’s save this one in memory of Leroy.

A Hero’s Dog Needs Help



This is difficult. Get a tissue or three and please understand that I wrestled with whether to even tell you. I feel that I have to however.
Leroy was posted as the WLBG Pet of the Week. He was a depressed 13 year old black lab. His owner, a Korean War Veteran, had been taken to a VA Hospital and his return was doubtful.
We all celebrated when a home was found for Leroy. A rescue group picked Leroy up at Laurens County Animal Control yesterday morning. First stop was a veterinarian’s office in Columbia before he headed to the family who awaited him.
During that vet visit it was discovered that Leroy was very sick. He was entering the final stages of congestive heart failure. Perhaps some of what we interpreted as depression was actually the result of Leroy struggling to breathe.
On the advice of this vet and after much discussion, the hard decision was made. They went out and got a cheeseburger just for Leroy. He enjoyed that. He was petted and held as he was put to sleep. It was the right decision but it sure is difficult to tell you about it.
Please don’t be discouraged by this because I asked Animal Control for another dog to post up for rescue. In just a little while I’ll do just that. I think I’m gonna call this new one LJ………….Leroy, Jr. He’s still mostly pup.
Thank all of you for your help in the attempt to rescue Leroy. He was a good dog. Godspeed Leroy. Wait at the bridge.

UPDATE:  Leroy has a home.  Laurens County Animal Control advises that Leroy will be leaving the shelter on Tuesday morning 18 April.  Thank you to all who spread the word.


If you ever needed a definition for depression……….here it is.
This is Leroy. He’s 13 years old and his world has come crashing in. His owner is a Korean War Veteran who is now at a Veterans Administration hospital. He may not return home.
The man’s wife as been attempting to care for Leroy but she’s not really able herself. He’s now at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control. Like I said, his world has come crashing in on him.
This is a challenge. He needs a home but he has lots against him. He’s an old dog. He’s very depressed and will need loads of attention and love.
Animal Control has agreed to adopt Leroy with NO adoption fee at all. He needs out of the shelter. It’ll take a special person – a special family to help Leroy. Could that be you? Call Animal Control at (864)984-6812 for more information about Leroy.
And please SHARE this photo. Somewhere out there is someone who will take a Hero’s dog and help him smile again. We just have to find that special someone.

Jackson Needs a Home

He’s still a puppy really.  Just eight months old but he must be a bad, bad dog because someone did the unthinkable.  They set him out on the side of the road………Easy Road near Laurens to be precise.

Poor little guy.  He’s still very sad about it.  You can see that in his eyes.  And now he’s at Laurens County Animal Control which, by the way, is full beyond capacity.  I don’t really want to explain here what happens when the shelter is filled to capacity there but……….it’s bad.  I don’t want it to happen to Jackson.

So, please take a good look into his eyes and then call (864)984-6812.  Go see Jackson and take him for a walk.  He may be just the perfect new best friend for you and your family.  He sure would be grateful and so would I.

And please SHARE his picture.  We need to find Jackson a family to love before…………….before something bad happens.

Danny Boy

This week’s WLBG Pet of the Week is at Laurens County Humane Society’s shelter on Poplar Street in Clinton.
Why? Well, look at him. He’s about cute as a button. Every now and then you see a dog and just know……..this is gonna be a great dog. That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw Danny. He was at Laurens County Animal Control but was pulled by the Humane Society (thank you).
Danny is available for adoption today. Call the Humane Society. The number’s right there on Danny’s photo.
And please SHARE this picture. Somebody needs a friend. His name is Danny.

LuLu Is Looking For Love

Laurens County Animal Control told me they were sending a new WLBG Pet of the Week but that it was a really ugly dog.  I was braced for ugly but………….I don’t think LuLu is ugly at all.

She’s not a lap dog.  They estimate her age at six months.  She’ll get a bit larger.  And she’s a lover.  She wants to love everyone.  Puppy kisses are passed out early and often.

So………..if you want this “ugly” dog she is available for adoption at Laurens County (SC) Animal Control.  The phone number is (864)984-6812.  The shelter is not open on Saturday right now.

Please SHARE LuLu’s photo.  Somewhere out there is a person who is craving puppy kisses.  They need LuLu and LuLu already loves them.